Baking Powder Antica Ricetta 48g

Baking Powder Antica Ricetta 48g

The instant leavening baking powder Antica Ricetta, is unique on the market with cream tartar, naturally obtained by italian grapes, it favours digestibility of the desserts made with it. This type of baking powder guarantees a very good leavening to make delicious bakery products. It is gluten free and included in the AIC handbook (Italian Celiac Association). The package contains 3 sachets of 16 g each. Each sachet is for 500 g of flour or potato flour.

Did you know that
S.Martino has always preferred to use natural products, in respect of ancient traditions. The cream of tartar, naturally contained in grapes, accumulates when wine is left to rest in tanks and is purified without the addition of chemical additives. The result is a white powder that, skillfully dosed with baking soda, makes desserts rise and your homemade cakes will be very soft.

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Potassium tartrate (45,8%), sodium hydrogen carbonate, corn starch, flavours.
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