Baking powder S.Martino 48g

Baking powder S.Martino 48g

Traditional baking powder, for instant rising, perfect to make baked desserts. The product is gluten free and included in the AIC handbook (Italian Celiac Association). The package contains 3 sachets of 16 g each. One sachet is dosed for 500 g of flour and/or potato starch.

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diphosphate, corn starch, sodium hydrogen carbonate, flavours.

Absolutely yes. Once open, the baking powder shall be stored in a fresh and dry place (not in the fridge), after carefully closing the baking powder sachet, and consuming it as soon as possible. Thanks to its instant rising, you can quickly bake delicious cakes and sweeten the days of your loved ones.

Can I store your baking powder once open to use it for other desserts?