Gluten Free Marble Cake Mix 445g

Gluten Free Marble Cake Mix 445g

Vanilla and chocolate come together in a very original bicolour dessert: a soft, high leavening and gluten free cake. Not only it has a unique and enveloping taste, it is also a light dessert, to make with oil instead of butter, with 30% less of fats compared to classic leavened cakes.

Curiosity: the marbled cake is a traditional rural dessert of Germany, a soft and very delicious product, perfect in any moment of the day thanks to its simple ingredients. Our gluten free version was made for all the ones who cannot eat gluten and at the same time want to keep the calories intake low. Gluten free products are often made with a higher quantity of fats to make them more palatable. Our experts elaborated this recipe with a reduced fat content withouth altering the taste that characterizes the marbled cake. The recipe calls for oil in order to a cake with a low content of saturated fats. Statistics following from scientific studies show that the weight loss is maintained more easily in the long run with a well-balanced and not restrictive diet. 
Products included in the AIC handbook (Italian Celiac Association).

Original idea: eat a portion of gluten free marble cake for breakfast or as a snack and accompany it with a centrifuge of fresh seasonal fruit in the summer or with a hot cup of infusion in the winter, so that you can fully enjoy its fragrance and lightness.

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Sponge cake mix – 425 g: sugar, potato starch, corn starch, raising agents: potassium tartrat, sodium hydrogen carbonate; rice flour, starch, salt, flavours. Icing sugar – (10 g – 2,2%): (icing sugar with corn starch for confectionary use): sugar, corn starch. It may contain traces of SOY and products thereof.
Nutrition facts
Average Nutritional values for: 100 g
of Cake
1 portion**
(48 g)
Energy 1505 kJ
357 kcal
722 kJ
171 kcal

  of which saturates
  of which mono-unsaturates
  of which polyunsaturates
9,4 g
2,0 g
5,8 g
1,2 g
4,5 g
1,0 g
2,8 g
0,6 g
  of which sugars
64 g
32 g
31 g
15 g
Fibre 1,2 g 0,6 g -
Protein 3,1 g 1,5 g 3%
Salt 0,7 g 0,3 g 5%

** Prepared according to the directions, using eggs, olive oil and water. The cake provides about 12 portions – 48 g each.
*** Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal).

I prodotti senza glutine con il "simboletto" del prodotto erogabile possono essere acquistati con i buoni riconosciuti dal Sistema Sanitario?
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