How does NonSoloBudino work?

It is not necessary to be registered in order to buy on NonSoloBudino.
We suggest you though to create an account to have access to areas and services exclusively dedicated to our customers.

Item search
See the available products directly through our suggestions in Homepage, choosing a line or selecting the properties you are interested in

Information on the products
On every product details page you can find all the information on the item: the description, the ingredients, the nutrition facts.
Go through the images of the product to see the details.

How to buy?
To make a purchase on NonSoloBudino:

  1. select the number of pieces to order in the product details page 
  2. add the product to the cart
  3. once you finish shopping, click on "Checkout" 
  4. enter the shipping details and select a method of payment
  5. check that the entered information is correct and click on "Pay and complete".

Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of the order.
From this moment on our warehous will take care of everything and, once the order is shipped, you will be informed with another confirmation email.

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Programma Foodelity

Sei iscritto al programma Foodelity?

Con il programma fedeltà di NonSoloBudino per ogni 1€ speso ottieni 10 punti. Accumula i punti per ottenere buoni immediati sulla tua spesa.

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