Lemon Cream 140g

Lemon Cream 140g

Delicate lemon flavour and creaminess! The Lemon Cream S.Martino is ready right away, without cooking, you only have to add milk and in 2 minutes you will make a soft and homogeneous cream. It is perfect for filling many desserts, from calssic cakes to innovative ones, from sponge cake to cannoli and cream puffs.

Make you desserts more inviting decorating them with the lemon cream, make you fruit tart using it as a base instead of classic pastry cream for a fresher and lucious.

Features: gluten free. In the package you can find to envelopes, each one is dosed for 250ml of milk.

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More information
sugar, skimmed MILK powder, modified corn and potato starch, cream powder, potato starch, dehydrated lemon juice 0,8% (corn maltodextrin, 20% concentrated lemon juice), thickening agent: carrageenan; flavours (contains LACTOSE), colourings: annatto norbixin, curcumin; salt. May contain SOY and its by-products.
Nutrition facts
Average Nutritional* values for: 100 g of finished product
Energy 555 kJ
132 kcal
  of which saturates
3,6 g
2,5 g
  of which sugars
20 g
18 g
Fibre 0,9 g
Protein 4,4 g
Salt 0,15 g

* Prepared using whole milk.


No, the lemon cream can be prepared without warming up anything. You only need to pour 250ml of milk at room temperature in a bowl, add the content of one pouch little by little while mixing and stir with a fork for 2 minutes or with a beater for 1 minute, until the lemon cream becomes homogeneous and smooth, ready to be served. Then you can use it to fill your cakes, cannoli or your croissants and offer even tastier desserts to your family and friends.

Do I have to prepare the lemon cream after warming up the milk?
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