Sodium bicarbonate 500g

Sodium bicarbonate 500g

Thousands of uses of a single product! The Sodium bicarbonate S.Martino is a precious help for many different purposes.

Get to know all the uses here:

  • it removes impurities and antiparasitics from fruit and vegetables, you only have to wash it with water and bicarbonate (1 tea spoon for each litre)
  • to cook dry legumes in a fast way, soak them in water from the night before with a tea spoon of bicarbonate
  • it helps with digestion if you ingest the tip on a tea spoon with some water
  • pour 100 g of bicarbonate in the bath tub for a relaxing bath
  • add it in hot water and inhale the steam if you have a cold
  • add one tae spoon of bicarbonate in the detergent tray of your washing machine to remove limestone and incrustations
  • clean your silverware by rubbing it with a cloth and a bit of bicarbonate
  • water and bicarbonate are perfect to clean the inside of your fridge, while the open package helps getting rid of food smells
  • to clean a rug pour bicarbonate on it and vacuum it after 24 hours 
  • you can easily clean greasy and incrusted pots or stoves or  by rubbing them with a moistened sponge and a bit of bicarbonate
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Sodium hydrogen carbonate.

Of course, our pure sodium bicarbonate has multiple uses in addition to the food sector. Specifically, by using a teaspoon you can also:

  • remove limescale from water and encrustations from the washing mashine

  • clean silverware (by rubbing it with a cloth and baking soda)

  • clean the fridge

  • remove food smell in the fridge (by leaving the package open)

  • clean carpets (by sprinkling them with baking soda and vacuuming after 24 hours)

  • cooking legumes (by putting a teaspoon of baking soda in the water with legumes and soaking them the night before)

  • use it for a relaxing bath (by pouring 300g of baking soda in the bathtub)

  • clearing the respiratory tract (by adding baking soda to hot water for steam inhalation

Can I use the baking soda for a refreshing bath without causaing skin irritation?
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