Catalan Cream 97g

Catalan Cream 97g

Be tempted by Catalan Cream S.Maritno, a dessert with a creamy and velvety texture covered by a crunchy later of caramelized sugar.

It has an unmistakable flavour and it is perfect to be enjoyed after your meal because it doesn't contain hydrogenated fats, it is gluten free and also fast to make because it doeasn't need cooking.

You only have to add milk and cream to make it, inside the package you can find the caramel topping to be spread on your dessert for a pastry chef touch.

Tips: instead of the caramel topping you find inside the pacakging, you can make your own by adding 6 spoons of sugar and 4 spoons of water into a saucepan. Let the sugar melt unitl it becomes golden brown.

The catalan cream is also perfect to be served in handy single portion glasses for a more refined touch.

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Dessert mix: sugar, modified potato starch, skimmed MILK powder, CREAM powder, glucose syrup powder, vegetal palm oil, stabilizer: xanthan gum, tetrasodium diphosphate, disodium phosphate; emulsifying: E472a; thickening agent: carrageenan; milk proteins, colourings: annatto norbixin, curcumin. Caramel sauce (31%): glucose syrup, caramelized sugars, glucose-fructose syrup. May contain SOY and its by-products.
Nutrition facts
Average Nutritional* values for: 100 g di prodotto finito
Energy 997 kJ
240 kcal
  of which saturates
18 g
13 g
  of which sugars
17 g
12 g
Fibre 0,9 g
Protein 3,4 g
Salt 0,32 g

* Prepared according to the directions, using 200 ml of fresh cream and 150 ml of whole milk.


Absolutely yes, with our Catalan Cream you will obtain the crispy topping typical of this dessert. Even though the package already contains the caramel sauce, you can also prepare the recipe with another sugar at will, which shall be caramelized and poured on top of the cream as a decoration. This way, you will obtain the typical crispy topping which gives the Catalan Cream its unmistakable taste, to delight friends and family.

If I choose your catalan cream, will I obtain the cripsy caramel topping?
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