Organic Granular Vegetable Broth 120g

Organic Granular Vegetable Broth 120g

All the taste of vegetables in a small and handy jar! The granular broth BioSun seasons many different dishes, enriches soups and is the secret to make a delicious and light vegetable broth, with a rich taste of vegetables. A special recipe without yeast and with a bit of turmeric, an ingredient with several properties.

Features: with accurately selected ingredients from organic farming, it contains 8 types of vegetables: potato, onion, celery, carrot, basil, tomato, spinach and parsley. Being granular, it is perfect to be dosed as you prefer and balance the taste of your dishes.

Did you know that? The BioSun organic line guarantees its constant committment in respecting the safeguard of the environment, using high-quality raw materias accurately selected and from organic farming without the use of chemical products.

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salt, raw sugar*, dehydrated vegetables in variable proportions (30%) (potato*, onion*, CELERY*, carrot*, tomato*, basil*, spinach*, parsley*), corn flour*, nutmeg*, turmeric (1.5%). *Organic May contain traces of LACTOSE.
Nutrition facts
Average Nutritional values for 100g:
Energy 719 kJ
170 kcal
  of which saturates
0,7 g
0,1 g
  of which sugars
36 g
4,9 g
Fibre 2,9 g
Protein 3,9 g
Salt 53,0 g

The Granular organic vegetable may contain traces of gluten and lactose. Among organic broths that do not contain such substances, we offer the Pressed Organic Vegetable, a package of 100g with 10 stock cubes, an equally tasty version but an even healthier one than classical stock cubes, that doesn't contain palm oil or gluten. All the ingredients contained in these stock cubes, in fact, are accurately selected and come from organic farming, where only top-quality plant products are used and not chemichal ones, allowing you to enrich the taste of your stock or any other recipe.

Is the Granular organic vegetable broth gluten free? If not, which other broth is?
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