Organic Baking Powder for sweet and savoury recipes 48g

Organic Baking Powder for sweet and savoury recipes 48g

With the organic Baking Powder Biosun you can make many sweet and savoury recipes because it doesn't contain flavourings. It gives instant rising and contains cream of tartar which allows you to make well-leavened and soft doughs that favour digestibility.

Features: not a vanilla-flavoured baking powder, it doesn't contain phosphates and is gluten free. Not only organic but also vegan.

Did you know that? S.Martino, respecting ancient traditions, prefers to use natural products like cream of tartar, an ingredient naturally contained in grapes, it settles when wine is left to rest in tanks and is purified without the addition of chemical additives.

Curiosity: with the BioSun line, S.Martino guarantees its committment for the respect and safeguard of the environment, using top-quality raw materials from organic farming, without the use of chemical products.

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corn starch*, potassium tartrate (32%), sodium hydrogen carbonate. *=Organic
Can your vegan yeast be used by who is allergic to mother yeast?
I find your baking powder for cakes very good, do you also have baking powders for savoury dishes that require a slow rising?
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