Made-in-the-pan Apple Cake Mix 300g

Made-in-the-pan Apple Cake Mix 300g

Prepare a tasty apple cake without turning on the oven?! With the Made-in-the-pan Apple Cake Mix S.Martino it is really possible and you only need 18 minutes to cook it in a pan, so you will feel like making it even in hot summer days. You don't need to use any other container, because you can make it in the pan directly.

Soft and light, the apple cake is made with oil instead of butter and it is also a healthy dessert, rich in cereals and fibres. The mix containes a rich and accurate selection of special flours: rice flour, wholewheat flour, corn flour and buckwheat flour. Instead of apples, you can also use seasonal fruit. 

Taste it in the morning for breakfast to begin the day with the right charge or as a snack during the day to recharge your energies!

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sugar, rice flour (22%), whole WHEAT flour (16%), corn flour (10%), buckwheat flour (7%), soluble WHEAT fibre (5%), raising agents (diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate), corn starch, OAT fibre (0,7%), salt, flavouring.
Nutrition facts
Average Nutritional* values for: 100 g of
finished product 
1 portion**
(60 g)
Energy 1065 kJ
253 kcal
639 kJ
152 kcal
  of which saturates
8 g
1,4 g
4,8 g
0,8 g
  of which sugars
40 g
18 g
24 g
11 g
Fibre 2,2 g 1,3 g
Protein 4,4 g 2,6 g
Salt 0,88 g 0,53 g

* Prepared according to the directions using eggs, oil and apples.
** The cake provides about 10 portions – 60 g each.