FruttinCasa 3:1 50g

FruttinCasa 3:1 50g

Fruttincasa 3:1 S.Martino is a safe and natural help to make a genuine, gluten free and homemade jam, with all the taste and properties of the fruit. 
The package of 50 g contains contains 2 bags and each one is dosed for 1 kg of fruit and 350g of sugar. The small recipe book contained in the package will give you a lot of suggestions. 

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dextrose, gelling agent: pectin (40%); acidity regulator: citric acid. May contain SOY and its by-products, MILK and its by-products, SULFUR DIOXIDE.

Fruttincasa 2 a 1 and 3 a 1 need different quantities of sugar to prepare. If you intend to use the 2 a 1 version of the mix for homemade jams and jellies, you have to add 500g of sugar, instead for the 3 a 1 versione you only need 350g, always in relation to the same fruit quantity (1Kg). Whatever you choose, S.Martino will be able to delight you with an intense flavour, to satisfy even the most refined palate and sweeten the days of your guests and family.

What is the difference bewteen the products Fruttincasa 2 a 1 and 3 a 1?