La Sbrisolona 350g

La Sbrisolona 350g

An accurate handmade preparation for the Sbrisolona cake Bottoli, a typical dessert of mantuan tradition with a crumbly texture . Tradition has it that you should break it with your hands and not cut it into slices. With 21% of almonds. A cake that is ready to be served.

It is a cake that was created by peasants in Mantova in circa 1800 and we can tell this by the combination of the ingredients used, such as yellow flour. The frequent use of this flour is due to the fact that it was cheaper than the white one and it usually was part of the salary that was given as an in-kind compensation to peasants. The Sbrisolona cake arrived then on the tables of the Gonzagas and became an aristocratic cake with the addition of sugar, spices and almonds.

Tips: to make the Sbrisolona softer, you can pour some Porto or Grappa on it, or accompany it with some sugolo (a grape pudding) or eggnog.

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ALMONDS 21,2%, BUTTER, sugar, WHEAT flour, corn flour, white wine, salt, natural flavours.
Nutrition facts
Average Nutritional values for: 100 g of
Energy 2211 kJ
529 kcal
  of which saturates
29 g
14 g
  of which sugars
55 g
22 g
Fibre 3,0 g
Protein 9,5 g
Salt 0,10 g
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