Flour Type 1 Primitiva "300" Molino Pasini 1 Kg

Flour Type 1 Primitiva "300" Molino Pasini 1 Kg

Soft wheat flour type 1 obtained by stone grinding of the best selection of wheat on the market. Excellent results for baking products: particularly recommended for all preparetions and leavening of a flour with a W rating of 280/300.

Ground in Italy.

Perfect for pastry products like: sponge cake, doughnuts, puff pastry, millefeuille, plum cake, margherita cake. This flour is indicated for both traditional and instant leavening; the dough doesn't harden and it forms a regular, thin and soft alveolation. Excellent results for puff pastry. The dough becomes soft and is able to undergo long processings.

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