Chef Box Peach Flower

Chef Box Peach Flower

An original and tasty idea to give as a gift to relatives or friends, or even yourself.

The Chef Box Peach Flower is an elegant box containing 15 products specifically selected for cooking enthusiasts and more: inside you can find tasty desserts, cakes and pizza mixes, practical and quick to make, and a pack of organic coffee with a refined ginseng flavour, to sweeten any moment of your day.

The box also contains the necessary ingredients for fancy desserts such as cakes or biscuits

Suggestions: use the nice box to store games or anything to play with you kids.

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What does the box contain?

Package content

Made-in-the-pan Apple Cake Mix 300g
My Chocolate Salami Mix 292g
Baking Powder Antica Ricetta 48g
Potato Starch 250g
Organic Coffee & Ginseng Salomoni 250g
Pastry Cream 140g
Panna Cotta 95g
"Fior di Menta" Mint dessert 115g
Catalan Cream 97g
Dolce Belga 110g
Organic "Amor di Frutta" 62g BioSun
Chocolate Pudding in envelope 48g
Dado Vegetale Biologico 10 dadi 100g
Granella di Zucchero 125g