My Layer Cake Mix 585g

My Layer Cake Mix 585g

A cerimony or special occasion to celebrate is coming? If you want to surprise your guests with "special effects", S.Martino suggests the Layer cake. It is a reinterpretation of the famous american Naked Cake, with layers of soft cocoa sponge cake and a delicious filling of cream. Making it is even easier and fast thanks to the cream mix already included in the package. In a short time you will then have the symbol dessert for parties which will suprise everyone!

Features: a high layered cake, made with disks of soft sponge cake and a delicious cream filling to be prepared cold, without cooking, using the mix already included in the package. A high-quality pastry cake but within everyone's reach.

Tips: free your fantasy to garnish, once you get to the last layer you can add a final touch with flowers, ribbons, tufts of cream or chocolate, coloured decorations of sugar paste and much more!

Did you know that
The naked cake has become a trend in Italy as well. It is named "naked" because it does not have the typical frosting covering it. The naked cake is also perfect for the most special occasions, such as weddings in a shabby chic or country chic styles.

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Cocoa Cake mix - 450g: sugar, WHEAT flour “00”, potato starch, lean cocoa (4%), raising agent: potassium tartrate, sodium hydrogen carbonate; flavours, corn starch, salt. Frosting mix – 135 g (23%): sugar, skimmed MILK powder, modified starch (from corn and potato), CREAM powder (4,6%), potato flour, corn starch, colours: annatto, curcumin; vanilla natural flavour.
Nutrition facts
Average Nutritional* values for: 100 g of
finished products 
1 portion**
(110 g)
Energy 1486 kJ
356 kcal
1634 kJ
392 kcal
  of which saturates
21 g
14 g
23 g
15 g
  of which sugars
35 g
23 g
38 g
25 g
Fibre 3,9 g 4,3 g
Protein 4,7 g 5,2 g
Salt 0,35 g 0,39 g

*Prepared according to the instructions.
** The cake provides about 12 portions of 110 g each.